ESENDAGLI LAB - Feyza Gul Ozbay

Feyza Gul Ozbay

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Feyza Gul Ozbay graduated from Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics in January 2017. In 2014 Summer, she had an internship in Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie (Hamburg) about Parkinson disease. In 2016 Summer, she had an internship in Ankara University Cancer Institute in the field of angiogenesis. She has started her M.Sc. degree in Tumor Biology and Immunology at Hacettepe University and joined Dr. Esendagli’s lab group in September 2017. She completed her MSc degree. Her current research topic is evaluation of T cell responses in the co-cultures of lung adenocarcinoma cells, neutrophils and monocytes.