ESENDAGLI LAB - Mubaida Parveen

Mubaida Parveen

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Mubaida received her in the field of Zoology from Delhi University, India. She started her M.Sc. in September 2013 in the field of Biotechnology and did her dissertation on Dengue Serotype analysis prevalent in New Delhi, India during 2014-2015. In 2016, worked as a Biologist, Quality control department in Immunodiagnostics kit Laboratory at National Institute of Biologicals (Ministry of Health And Family Welfare) on national Dengue lab setup project. Later in September 2016 was awarded Turkish Government scholarship to pursue PhD and joined Dr. Esendağlı’s lab group. Her research interests includes studying the CD4+ T cells downregulation on interaction with various stimulus and also how viral machinery and co-stimulatory molecules can be exploited for developing cancer immunotherapeutics.